White Oak Rift Wood

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Rift sawn white oak for an elegant aesthetic in your projects - you get straight grain with a suave tan color. Rift cut lumber has it all, too: good looks, stability and strength."
  • Elegant straight grain
  • Graceful tan color
  • Ultimate stability
  • Color Range, Beige to creamy tan.
  • Other Names, Arizona oak, Arizona white oak, Cucharillo, Encino, Encino negro, Oak, Roble, Roble amarillo, Roble, colorado, Roble encino, Roblecito, White oak, Stave oak
  • Some Typical Uses, Furniture, outdoor projects, patio furniture, cabinets, flooring, boat building, fences, indoor millwork, moldings, veneer, desks, baseboard
  • What's the Tree Like? May reach 100 feet in height and have a trunk of 36" in diameter.

  • Rift Sawn White Oak grows in North America

  • White Oak Rift AB Grade $1.94/m2 (40' container minimum)
  • White Oak Rift Flake Grade $0.69/m2 (40' container minimum)

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