Vitamin E, the best ally in beauty.

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Vitamin E or also known as α-tocopherol, its greatest potential is to be antioxidant, repairing and protective, which cannot be missing in your daily facial routine therefore, it should be as an ingredient in your beauty products, since its benefits for The skin, hair, and body are multiple, for this reason, a large number of cosmetic products include it in its formulation, since it is known as the vitamin of youth. 

Like any vitamin, it is important to eat foods rich in this vitamin E Oil in good fats such as almonds, nuts, egg yolks, olive oil, and avocado or in soft capsules. Vitamin E is stored in the liver and adipose tissues of the skin, therefore its exogenous consumption is a plus to enhance its effects in favor of our body and health. A correct contribution of this type of vitamin brings many health benefits, but in the field of aesthetics, plays a key role ... And that is, our skin, specifically the epidermis that is the outermost layer, is the first advantage in the sense of beauty.

While it is important to use orally, in the area of beauty, topical use is essential, it has been shown that our skin has a high content of vitamin E but over the years and exposure to the sun is degenerating, the skin loses its moisturizing and flexibility properties, giving it a poorly lit appearance, so from the dermatological and beauty point of view it is much more beneficial its topical use in oil serum to protect the skin in an exceptional and more effective way, since its absorption and effects are faster and more visible.

The benefits of vitamin E on the skin
 Vitamin E helps to have a healthier and better-looking skin thanks to its properties 

  • Anti-aging effect: its activity as a powerful antioxidant helps fight free radicals that damage skin cells and reduces oxidative stress to which the body is subject, this helps to stop the premature aging of the skin by providing our skin with more luminosity, vitality and healthy free of wrinkles and blemishes. Therefore, it must be the best ally in skin care. 

  • Protection against the sun: the cellular protection provided by the antioxidant action of vitamin E reduces the damage caused by exposure to UVB rays and other stressors for the skin such as cold climates, pollution, smoke, tobacco, and alcohol. For this reason, all sunscreens include the vitamin as an ingredient as it is a safe filter that, in addition to capturing the radiation, regenerates the damage that the sun may have caused on the face. Cosmetics that contain it, can also help you repair damaged cells, so in your beauty routine, you can not miss the protector or at least one of the products for facial care. 

  • Vitamin repair: for the same reasons that vitamin E fights free radicals caused by sunlight, also helps protect the skin from external aggressions caused by pollution, snuff and other toxic agents, repairing and protecting the skin making her look young and fresh.

  • Regeneration of the skin: as well as repair it also has regenerative action at the cellular level and helps to improve and eliminate stretch marks, spots, scars, and other skin damage.

  • Healthy appearance of the skin: Vitamin E offers a very important role in the maintenance of skin condition. Strengthens the lining of the blood capillaries of the skin, getting better support for hydration and promote its elasticity. Vitamin E contributes to a rapid regeneration of the tissue of the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), producing a more effective healing of tissue damaged by external agents such as smoke (tobacco, environmental pollution), are factors that cause a deterioration of the skin, especially in the appearance of spots, dry skin and wrinkles, and even other signs such as acne and irritation.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect: the skin is always exposed to damage, therefore, its topical use acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, calms the epidermis, improves the condition of the scars or wrinkles of expression and provides an extra level of hydration.

  • Strengthening hair: The fragility and hair loss are two very important aspects to which they are given considerable importance, given its close relationship with our appearance. In this case, regular use of vitamin E can help us reduce these problems. The mechanism of help is as we have seen, reduce the effect of free radicals that cause damage to the scalp, because by avoiding damage, blood circulation is improved to this area, stimulating the growth of stronger and healthier hair. For this, it is advisable to use a capillary treatment based on vitamin E and a must is to add serums to the hair after washing it, from the middle to the tips to provide greater shine and silkiness.

How to apply topic oil serum Vitamin E? 

  1. Perform a routine of night cleaning, either with a cleansing milk, bar or liquid dermatological soap.

  2. Apply facial toner.

  3. Apply the topic oil serum of vitamin E 2 to 3 drops, performing gentle massages in circular and ascending ways to increase absorption and circulation in the skin.

  4. Apply the usual nocturnal moisturizer.

  5. Leave on all night and in the morning remove with abundant water and the morning facial routine without including the vitamin E serum.

  6. It is important to note that this vitamin when it comes in contact with the sun, oxidizes, that is to say, loses its properties and can produce spots on the face, that is why its use is recommended at night. A month of routine use with your favorite vitamin E serum and you will have the best and desired effects for your skin, it will look radiant and healthy.

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The benefits of vitamin E on the body and on the skin, in particular, are the antioxidant effects of α-tocopherol, well known and scientifically proven, so its positive effects on the skin have a solid scientific and dermatological basis. The usual doses of vitamin E used in dermocosmetic products with anti-aging action and those intended for skin and skin care are safe, especially in those that are applied topically.


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